I used to punch myself.

Discretion is advised for the proceeding confession. Thank you.(:

The title refers to my stomach, more specifically. And I had a reason, though it was pretty unreasonable. I heard rumor when I was a couple years younger, that people could catch diseases from toilet seats, and that a person (well, a female, of course) got pregnant via le toilet seat. So when I missed my period for 2 plus months, I began to get fearful that  I somehow magically got pregnant, so I punched my stomach to 'kill the baby in me', and make my cycle continue. Demented? I know. I'm still naive, still learning on my own.

Also, I can recall, an occasion when I was crazily angry this past summer- yet I can't remember why- but I remember that I wanted to feel something, even pain, so I began hitting myself. Mostly my face and thighs. I don't mean to tell this to receive any pity or whatever, it's just a fact- a confession of mine. I sometimes experience many feelings to the extreme too.

Au revoir, les amis.(:

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