I once believed I had died.

For several years after the occurrence, I had convinced myself and a few others that I had died for a short time and then 'came back', which I of course now realize is absolutely ridiculous and absurd, but as a child, as any child, the brain is still under development and can easily be corrupted and things can be skewed.

It was one summer up in camp in Canada, someone had firecrackers and was setting them off on cabin porches. I wasn't afraid of them, until unknowingly someone had set one off RIGHT BESIDE ME and it scared me so badly- my mind instantly jumped to the time I was in a car accident (which might have been earlier that year, or sometime more previous in the past- I can't quite recall). Although I was very claustrophobic at the time, I was so frightened that I hid under one of the beds, shaking and panting. Someone had set off another firecracker, but in the room, and it scared me even more. Like I had been right after the car crash, I was tired exhausted. I don't remember falling asleep, but I remember seeing blackness, then out of the blackness there was a triangle of light, and it began to grow larger and larger- until nothingness: when I woke up. But I don't remember waking up, I was just awake and aware all of a sudden, although it took me a few minutes to recollect what had happened. This is the truth, I must confess, I thought I had died, but now I realize how foolish that is. 

Au revoir, les amis.(:


I wish I were taller!

Honestly, in a group of taller people, it makes me feel claustrophobic. So yes, I am afraid of tall people to an extent.xP It's like driving in a really tiny car on a highway and some big rigs surround you.D: If I had longer legs I'd be able to reach things up high better, and jump over things further! I wouldn't have to look up to people, and those who are shorter would then look up to me.(: It's childish, but true. But no matter how short or tall I'll ever be, I'll always walk with my chin up.

Au revoir, les amis.(:


I washed my hair with dog shampoo

Yesterday, the twenty-second of September, in fact. I needed to shower, and there was no shampoo or conditioner, and my dog Romeo had gotten a bath earlier, so it was kinda convenient. What else was I to do?!xp I just hope it doesn't affect my hair negatively, and HEY- at least I wont get any ticks or fleas.(; 

Au revoir, les amis.(:


I absolutely love thrifted/ vintage things

Although I may sometimes ask, "Is it sad that most of my things (clothing, mostly) are thrifted?" I actually take pride in that fact, because HEY, I get a LOT of cute things (in my personal opinion) that are for cheap cheap! In my thoughts, I'd rather buy many adorable things without a brand name plastered across it, than spend fifty plus dollars on a pair of jeans.

My favorite stores include: Salvation Army, Goodwill, and the Mount Joy Gift and Thrift. I like to try to find things that are so bizarre- ugly even- and trying to rock it. Many times I have come across a crazy ugly shirt, sweater, or pants, gape at it and giggle to myself, and sometimes, buy it.(;

Like big ole' ugly sweaters, I love them and own manyy. I can't wait for chillier weather so I can wear the newer ones I've got!

Until next time,
Au revoir, les amis.(:


I am quite forgetful

I wish I had a better memory. I often think of writing myself reminders, but after a while I always stop. It’s not really intentional, I’m just not good at keeping routines for myself. That’s also why I simply can’t stick to a diet/exercise plan, which I have tried to several times. It’s also hard for me to stick to a project, so I have many that I’ve started, then stopped, them sometimes come back to, then stop again, and so fourth. I do believe it has something to do with my intension span, which I wish I could change/lengthen. But then again, it keeps me from holding any grudges against people (except one, maybe two..). So I simply CAN’T HATE, because I usually let go too quickly. Sometimes I wish I could stay dedicatedly angry at a person, so that they know whatever it was they may have done was wrong, and to prevent anything related happening again. So I am left to wonder, is this part of me good or bad, and can it be helped?
Who knows how long I will stick to this, this blog, this project, and continue to reveal more in depth and unusual confessions..
What the hell, au revoir, les amis.(: