Guitar fetish

I'm not going to deny
what I can't hide.(;
It's a thing that developed over time. When I got my first guitar, I enjoyed playing it, (chords more so than individual notes) but wasn't yet avid and intrigued by  guitars as I am today. So I can't say exactly when I became so in love with guitars- playing them, listening to others play, and simply looking at them.
I myself now own three- a smaller sized one which I received when I was around thirteen or possibly younger- and not one of those dinky 'my first guitar' child ones either. My second one I bought at the end of sophomore year for two hundred bucks from a girl that was in my ceramics class that didn't play it but maybe twice: her parents bought it for her for Christmas for about four hundred and fifty dollars. That saddens me, when people have something as beautiful as a guitar and just let it sit- it's such a waste.): The beaut is a large Washburn, with such a wonderful loud sound, compared to my first guitar. My third and most recent guitar is a sunburst colored Epiphone, pre-owned. I got that one for one hundred bucks.(: My mum hasn't yet let me get an amp, BUT my (awesome) uncle says that he may have one that I may borrow; might bring it over tomorrow, hopefully.(: 
Like I said before, I LOVE guitars, even though I'm nowhere near being an expert player, I mostly make up my own melodies. Two weeks ago a friend of mine was at my house, and I was transfixed on the music he produced so easily, watching his fingers move up and down the neck. I can't describe how amazing it was, besides that there was so much talent that I wanted to vomit. And yes, that was supposed to be flattering.(x 
In my physics class the teacher has a guitar that is kept in the front of the room, and I've often thought of asking him if I may play it. It taunts me. But the past two days it hasn't been there, and I found that kind of upsetting./: I want to hold it. I want to tune it. I want to play it! To listen to it's sound, to feel the glossy woo- ...I think I'm getting a bit carried away...
Sometimes while listening to my iPod, I focus on only the sound of the guitar(s), turning the volume way up so that the wonderful noise becomes me, all throughout my mind and every inch of my being- I get the shivers from it sometimes, and it is simply amazing.

Au revoir, les amis!(:

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