Can't believe I forgot to mention an obvious!

The end of this month will mark a year- since I've shaved my legs. Or.. Haven't shaved my legs.. Whatever, I got about a year's worth of hair growth on my legs, sexy.(; 

Many people ask WHHHYYY?? And honestly, I tell them I don't remember why anymore. Call it laziness. Call me a freak. Call me whatever, I love my boy-legs.(x 

I think it was originally to participate No Shave November, then I began thinking, "why do I shave my legs?" Seriously, WHY is it generally socially unacceptable amongst people for girls not to shave their legs? I remember this hippy girl I used to be friends with, and she usually wore pants, so I was shocked one  day when she wore a skirt and I saw her hairy legs. I also admired her bravery to stand out, and several years later, after she and I had went our separate ways as fate directed, I thought of her, in regards to my situation. If she could do it.. or, not do it... If she could be free, so could I! Now, I'm not calling myself a hippie, but seriously, whooo caress? It's probably just a phase of mine, we'll see how long it lasts. And hey, I AM saving monies by not shaving my legs, ya know!(: 

Some people get freaked out by it, some people think it is totally awesome and ask to feel my legs, I find either very humorous.(x My mum hates it.;D I remember on one occasion a girl was sort of standing up for me when in my frustration I was trying to explain, or more so ask, why do girls 'have' to shave their legs? This person was saying that ladies began during the depression, when there was a shortage of nylons, and also painted a line down the back of their legs to make it appear that they were wearing nylons- so HA.(:

Why don't all men shave their armpits? Even I think that's gross! When a guy puts his arm up, and there's  like, a wing of armpit hair just hanging out- like, EW. I wonder if that makes me a hypocrite? I think I'm making wayyy to big a deal of this than I should be. Ahh, well.

Au revoir, les amis.(;

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