I am quite forgetful

I wish I had a better memory. I often think of writing myself reminders, but after a while I always stop. It’s not really intentional, I’m just not good at keeping routines for myself. That’s also why I simply can’t stick to a diet/exercise plan, which I have tried to several times. It’s also hard for me to stick to a project, so I have many that I’ve started, then stopped, them sometimes come back to, then stop again, and so fourth. I do believe it has something to do with my intension span, which I wish I could change/lengthen. But then again, it keeps me from holding any grudges against people (except one, maybe two..). So I simply CAN’T HATE, because I usually let go too quickly. Sometimes I wish I could stay dedicatedly angry at a person, so that they know whatever it was they may have done was wrong, and to prevent anything related happening again. So I am left to wonder, is this part of me good or bad, and can it be helped?
Who knows how long I will stick to this, this blog, this project, and continue to reveal more in depth and unusual confessions..
What the hell, au revoir, les amis.(:

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  1. I know how you feel. You have seen how long it takes me to respond sometimes, even. But in the end, I believe it is a good thing. Holding a grudge takes up too much energy, and it is not good for the soul. Live happy and carefree. That is the way life is meant to be. About being helped, it is a part of who we are, so should it be changed? Even if it is something we don't like about ourselves, it sets us apart from others and defines who we are.
    - I bet you can figure out who this is. ;)