I absolutely love thrifted/ vintage things

Although I may sometimes ask, "Is it sad that most of my things (clothing, mostly) are thrifted?" I actually take pride in that fact, because HEY, I get a LOT of cute things (in my personal opinion) that are for cheap cheap! In my thoughts, I'd rather buy many adorable things without a brand name plastered across it, than spend fifty plus dollars on a pair of jeans.

My favorite stores include: Salvation Army, Goodwill, and the Mount Joy Gift and Thrift. I like to try to find things that are so bizarre- ugly even- and trying to rock it. Many times I have come across a crazy ugly shirt, sweater, or pants, gape at it and giggle to myself, and sometimes, buy it.(;

Like big ole' ugly sweaters, I love them and own manyy. I can't wait for chillier weather so I can wear the newer ones I've got!

Until next time,
Au revoir, les amis.(:

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