A Fear: A Waste Of...

Sometimes I fear that I am wasting my days as a kid. In only six months I will be what the kids call 'legal'. Scary thought? You betcha- for me at least. I'm not really sure what to think of that.. I'm afraid that I haven't done all the things that I should and could have in my youth.
Hah, look at me, talking about my life like it's already a yesterday.(x 
Though my time on this earth is short, I still got enough to make something with it. 
Just like my best friend's neighbor said- "McLaughlin... McLaughlin... McLAUGHLIN! McLAUGHLIN..."
Wait... Wrong quote.(x
Well, this neighbor of hers has told me a lot of great advice that I hope to never forget. Such things like (and I am paraphrasing here) "You're not going to go anywhere sitting around at home. You gotta go out and meet people!" Which is so true..
I can't specifically think of all the things he's said, but I know there's been lots of great (and a lot of crazy) words that has passed his lips.:J
But back to my fear:
Afraid that I'm not doing enough with my time. 

On sort of a side note: I watched a rather good movie today called Dark Days, which gave me a slight paradigm shift. It really made me want to make the best and most with what I've got, to not be so greedy, and to be able to be content with what I've already got- but it mostly made me want to cook.(x

Anyways, I think I've spilled enough of my brain junk onto this digital canvas.
Au revoir, les amis.(:

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