Socially awkward

I am. Very.
I guess I just don't know how to interact with people very well.
My fault?
I blame my parrents.
For not letting me go to preschool, for keeping me home all the time, especially in my early years. I believe that it was that specific habitat that formed me to be this way. To be this shy. Sure, I have my moments when I reach out to others, outside of my comfort zone, but most of the time, I... Just don't know how to interact with others.
Maybe I just spend too much time by myself.
But alas, I do have friends, friends that I love and can be myself around, and who love me for myself.(:
What a great life.:D
I'm not being concited, but people just love me.
My awkwardness is a part of me, and, like the rest of me, is kinda awesome.(:
Au revoir, les amis.(;

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