An Addiction

Off the pill?
What pill?
Anti depression pill. 
And glad to be.
Though it made me feel in a giddy mood when I took it...

Well, that's why I'm glad I stopped.
It made me feel sort of 'high' when I took more than I was supposed to.
I would take 300, sometimes even 450 mg a day, though 150 was my prescribed dosage.
I had convinced myself and my doctor that I still was not well, and that my dosage should be upped from 150 to 300, in hopes that I would be able to take even MORE once my body got accustomed to 300 mg per day. But I had a slight suprise when the actual pill changed, from a little purple thing, which contained 150 mg, to a white one, which contained 300 mg. I honestly thought that I'd have to take two purple ones instead of this new one every morning- that that would be the only change. Even the side effects were different. They didn't make me feel very giddy anymore. I just got absolutely terrible stomach aches. So, I stopped taking the pills alltogether. Aside from when I'm on my period (aren't I so open?), or when a bad event happens, I don't feel like a depressed piece of crap anymore.;D I don't think my doctor knows this yet, because I have not been to an appointment recently. She'll be proud of me, I'm sure.(:

Au revoir, les amis.(:

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